Transformation of Self

Four days ago when I arrived at a hotel in Madison, WI – a place I’ve never visited before, I had no idea what I was in for. I unpacked my stuff and laid out clothes in nervous anticipation. 

Now I’ve moved through conscious setting of intentions, meditation routines, gratitude circles – AKA crying circles, mentorship groups, morning yoga practice, asana teach backs, philosophy and anatomy lessons, and so much community building that I feel like I’ve known these 115 people forever.

And, I do feel like there has been a transformation of self. I feel like I’ve been supported in ways that I have been able to identify personal challenges and develop strategies to dissipate them soon. I’m learning tools and ways to approach life and concerns with an open heart and sense of gratefulness. I feel my body and mind growing stronger and developing new pathways for interacting with the world.