Thoughts, Feelings, Actions

Lately I have spent a lot of time figuring out (even journaling!) what I want to do….yoga asana practice daily, increased vegetable intake, increased time meditating, creating a series of asana classes for educators…. honestly, the list is quite long.

And, so far, I’ve attained none of it.

So, I’ve been spending some time thinking about why I can’t get myself to do the things I know are good for me. I did as so many of us do. I googled. One thing that came up that spoke to me was a Life Coach, Brooke Castillo’s podcast. She has quite an extensive library, but I started with episode #1.

She covered many of the same concepts as were presented in my YTT last summer in Madison. Somehow I seemed more open to them this time. Here’s the concept that resonated with me in a nutshell: Reactions/actions/inactions are triggered by feelings which are controlled by our thoughts.

Put another way: When you explore and guide your thoughts, feelings and actions will follow. The power to create the life you want is yours.

Getting to the thoughts that are creating the feelings takes some digging. You have to get an observer view of how you brain is working to do it.

What tapes has your brain been running with all of these years? 

In episode #2, Brooke walked me through an exercise to identify my most common feelings. She then walked me back to what thoughts are causing those feelings? My favorite part, though, is when she led me through the exercise of identifying the feelings we WANT to have and linking them to thoughts that will create those feelings!


I took exercise of hers and turned it into a mantra for myself so that when I’m having a hard time remembering that I’m in control of my thoughts, I can simply redirect myself to the thoughts that will trigger the feelings I want.

                                          I am empowered, connected, and secure. 

What would your personal mantra be?