Ten Minute Morning Movement Routine

Why’s It Good for Me?

When we first wake up, we have a brief period of time before our brains become flooded with ideas about what we have to get done today and who needs what. When we spend just ten minutes focusing on our bodies and minds, the whole day gets off to a better start.

Instead of lying in bed hesitating to get up, hitting the snooze button again, and again. Try this.

Get out of bed the first time the alarm sounds. Move through a Sun Salutation routine for four cycles. Do it for one week. Seven days. Let me know what you think.

What Should It Look Like?

Sun salutation is a basic yoga sequence that you find most any time you attend a public yoga class. This series of 12 movements increases your blood flow, boosts your metabolism, and strengthens your muscles and joints.

This image from Ibiza Yoga Retreat is a great illustration of the sequencing involved in Sun Salutation A.

On her You Tube channel, Adrienne also has a video that walks you through how to do it.

If you are new to the practice…

If you need a  specific description of each pose to feel comfortable with the sequence, watch this video on YouTube by Yoga by Candace. She does a great job of explaining the correct positioning and explains how to get the full benefit of poses.

One way to modify the chataraunga dandasana pose is to drop your knees to the floor from plank pose, engage your core (envision your navel pulling towards your spine), roll your shoulder blades down your back, and slowly lower yourself down. Ashtanga Yogi Bali has a brief video that illustrates this well.

Let Me Know What You Think

After seven days of practicing, I’d love to hear what you think of this process. Have you noticed any changes in your mood throughout the day?